People And Culture

With a holistic and people focused approach to workplace management, our people and culture service strives to achieve a motivated and positive organisation underpinned by your brand’s vision and core values.

People And Culture Strategy

Move over HR, because a people and culture strategy provides so much more! With the power to engage and alter each part of your organisation, it is a tool you just can’t be without.

Working with you to develop your people and culture strategy, you will have a working document that will assist with the establishment of a thriving and purpose-driven team within your brand.

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Delivering recruitment services to clients throughout New Zealand, we are passionate about finding the right person for the right position. Meeting the needs of our clients is our top priority, and every applicant we put forward undertakes a comprehensive screening process.

Whatever your industry and type of employee or contractor you require, we will deliver.

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Employee Value Proposition

Having a strong employee value proposition makes your business more desirable to both prospective and current employees. From physical to intangible things, we’ll work with you to not only identify what makes your business appealing, but help make it even more so!

Work with us to refresh your EVP and enjoying having a workplace so good your competitors’ will want to join too.

"By The Hour" Talent and Services Support

We provide specialist resources across all areas of the business including specialist management consultants to support your business needs. 

Performance Measuring And Targets

Performance measurement cannot occur without the setting of targets. Only then will you have access to reliable information you can use to review each area within your business, including KPIs, goals and employee performance.

As for what you should be measuring, we can assist you with this too. Get in touch with us today and we will walk you through the entire process, helping you identify targets to track and the best tools for performance measurement and review.

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